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Competition Team

Competition Team members are all expected to attend additional rehearsals along with classes that may be at a time outside of normal class hours.


Competition Team Membership Fee $175 

Half of this payment is due prior November 3/2nd half due March 9

(Fundraisers may be used to assist with costs)


Estimate of competition costs: 

Regionals $340-$350 with solo (does not include costumes) includes team fee   

$185-195 without solo (does not include costumes) includes team fee 

Nationals $350-$360 with solo (includes costumes) includes team fee 

$195-205 without solo (includes costumes) includes team fee 

Costumes can run anywhere between $90-$125 

Please take into account rhinestones, headpieces, props, etc. 


**This year we will participate in KAR Dance Competition. 


Regionals - (Dancers are selected for dances upon auditions) 

                       Competition: Houston, March 31 - April 2 

Deposit Due by January 5

            Must be Paid in full by February 28 


Solos- $175 Per Group Dance- $80 Per Duos/Trios- $90 


Nationals Competition:

Pigeon Forge, TN, June 26-July 2

Deposit Due by April 1

Paid in full by May 26

Solos - $185 Per Group Dance - $90 Per Duos/Trios- $100 


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