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Competition Team


Competition Team members are all expected to attend additional rehearsals along with classes that may be at a time outside of normal class hours. THE COMPETITION TEAM IS A FULL TIME COMMITMENT as the dancers heavily rely on one another when it comes to rehearsals and performances. We have high expectations for all competition team members and expect them to be team players both dancers and parents alike. Competition Team members MUST NOT MISS ANY REHEARSALS DURING THE WEEK OF A COMPETITION and no more than 3 rehearsals per season unless something has been arranged with the studio. Parents of soloists must be actively involved in costume selection, costume altering, and any other preparation for their dancers’ solos. Unfortunately, we do understand there are a lot of extracurricular activities, but if these activities will cause a dancer to miss multiple rehearsals we ask you to consider the option to participate. If a dancer is lacking/missing rehearsals it is up to the teacher/choreographer's discretion to remove/move placement of a dancer from any group dance or you may schedule a private one on one training to improve the dancer $35 per session. 

Auditions- Will take place in September/ October for placement dancers are not guaranteed any placement in dances. All participating dancers must audition.

Parents - Must actively participate in costuming and prop creation to keep costs down. 

Soloists - Will be required to attend at least 5 private sessions (scheduled outside of regular dance classes, costs are not included) it will include; choreography, technique, conditioning specific to the genre/style of their dance. $50 per session or $200 for the set (must be paid in one payment). Dancers who fail to show up for sessions without proper notice will be assessed a no-show fee of half of the session. Fees will be due 15 days prior to the start of the sessions if receiving the discount. Weekly (7 days prior) if paying the session-to-session fee. 

Optional Duo/Trios must attend at least 4 private sessions at $35 each per dancer. Dancers who fail to show up for sessions without proper notice will be assessed a no show fee of half of the session. 

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