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Important Dates


Rules and Regulations

Discontinuing Dance Class


Parents who decide to discontinue dance classes MUST give an one (1) month in advance written notice and pay out their dancers’ monthly tuition up to the Christmas Spectacular if it is during the fall session or Recital if it is the spring session this includes any fees due during this time period as well. If the parent fails to do so they will be subject to collections. 


Waiting Area/Studio 

Parents who stay MUST do so in the waiting area. Please do not disturb classes by entering the studio after classes have begun, or attempting to make payments, standing in the window or ask questions while classes are in session. Please direct any questions or messages to the Admin or front desk staff.


The windows are open for class observation once per month. Parents are invited to class for the Christmas Spectacular (December). Please refrain from standing directly in the viewing window as it is a distraction to the dancers (especially Kinder dancers). 


All dancers are subject to auditions for performance and competition placement. Assessments will be held quarterly to assess dancer progress and points of weakness. Auditions will be held prior to competitions and performances (At the discretion of the choreographer, dancers may be removed or re-arranged in dance numbers). At this time, dancers are subject to changes in a particular routine. Additional rehearsals may be scheduled thereafter to amend any repetitive errors. 

Payments and Fees 


All fees must be paid prior to the due date or they will result in forfeiture of event/costumes/etc. All payments and fees must be paid via square or the jotform link. We do not accept any payments via cash, check or any other electronic payment system. 


Recital Fee $125                                    Due no later than December 1

Costume Fee (Recital)

$90-$125 per dance (all dancers will have at least 3 costumes)

             $100 Deposit due January 12th, Final Payment Due March 9th 


                  Fundraising is a big help, please remember that when we are hosting                                                                     fundraisers. 


Eight or more absences forfeits credit for the present fiscal year, beginning the lesson of August through the last lesson before the revue. Arriving more than 30 minutes late amounts to an absence. Three late occurrences amount to one class absence. Absences may be excused with doctors’ note. All competition dancers must not have more than 3 unexcused absences. If a dancer misses more than the allotted time stated above, they will be subject to not being able to perform and all funds are non-refundable. 


Attendance begins with the first lesson in August. Studio doors will be unlocked 15 minutes prior to class and will be locked 30 minutes after the start of class. All dancers should sign in daily with a parent’s signature at least every two weeks. Parents, your active involvement is very encouraging to the dancers. If dancers miss any rehearsals two weeks before a performance or competition without a written reason they will be asked not to participate. 

Pickup/Drop Off 

It is imperative that your dancer needs to leave prior to the end of a class session, please provide the studio with the date and time they will need to leave in writing via email or band app messaging and they will be allowed to leave without disruption of class. 


Dancers must be picked up when their class has ended.  We also understand that things come up, however, if you will be running late, please let us know or there will be a service fee charged to your dancers account as we do not have any sitting services on site. 


Please be advised that some classes may run over during performance times, but it will be no longer than 15min. After the 15 minute window the fee will be assessed to your next tuition $2 per minute. Dismissal- When classes are dismissed a parent or guardian must come to the door of the studio to pick up their dancer. No one will be permitted to leave without a guardian, unless high school aged dancer. 


Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mardi Gras, and Easter. We try to follow the school holiday schedule whenever possible. 

Inclement Weather 

When weather conditions close schools the studio will also be closed. If in doubt, please give us a call for more information. 

Dancer Compliance 

We will not tolerate non-compliance or disruption of any kind. If a dancer is being disruptive/non-compliant in class they will be warned, however if they continue to do so they will be sent out to have a seat in the hallway for a time deemed necessary. Dancers who are continuously non-compliant may be asked to not return. 

Dancer Cell Phone Usage - 

No cell phones will be allowed in the dance area. They may only be used in the hallway before or after classes. Phones must be on silent for the duration of class. If you must get in urgent contact with your dancer, please contact us at 504-603-6257. 


Uniform Policies

(Classes and performances may be photographed or video graphed, please ensure that they look presentable at all times) 


Please be sure to write your dancers name on ALL items. To participate in class students must wear uniform (Eggplant Leotard, Tights (NO HOLES in tights as we have been experiencing dancers who attend class with holes larger than their hands and this is unacceptable. You will be asked to purchase your dancer a new pair.), dance shorts/skirt and dance shoes). Dancers who are not in uniform will be asked to not participate. Absolutely NO GUM. Uniform violations will be given, 5 violations become 1 absence. 


Hair must be in a secure ponytail/bun/ free from face for classes, hair may not be worn down/hunghang in face. 



Please pack deodorant and extra uniform necessities in your dancers’ bags. Also please monitor your dancers nail lengths as they can cause other health issues such as ingrown nails. It is important that dancers arrive to class to stretch. 



All participating dancers must attend performances in the hair, makeup, tights, shoes, uniform of choice selected for that event and studio earrings. All dancers will not always be asked to participate in performances depending upon the guidelines for the performance and what is being asked of us. 


Cover Ups 

Students eight years of age and older MUST wear cover-up over dancewear outside the classroom. Absolutely no cover-ups are permitted in class 

(T-shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, sweatpants, etc.) with the exception of hazelnut colored dance shorts or eggplant/hazelnut colored dance skirt. 


All shoe and apparel orders will only be taken on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Payments for your order must be paid in full before the order date. Please always order tights prior to performances due to stock availability. 

Questions, Comments or Concerns 

If there are any questions or concerns regarding JFDU rules and regulations, students, parents, and policies please feel free to contact the Director or Studio Manager when experiencing any issues. They will set up a time to discuss any problems, nothing will be addressed during scheduled classes. Please do not take any matters into your own hands confronting any other parents or dancers at any point. We do not tolerate slandering or bullying of dancers of any kind. If there are any occurrences that we are unaware of, please address it with the Director or Studio Manager and it will be handled accordingly. If there are any occurrences noted by teachers in class the situation will be addressed and parents will be notified. 



Dancers are allowed to bring water and/sport drinks, and healthy snacks. Please no sodas, or junk food. No food or drinks will be permitted inside of the studio areas only the lobby. Breaks are allotted during class time so that dancers may take the time for restroom breaks and snack breaks. Please be sure your dancer does what they need to do prior to class to lower the amount of distractions during class. 


Pointe Shoes 

All shoes and alterations must be done by parents, it is however offered by the studio staff for a fee $35.


Uniform Policies:


Please be sure to write your dancers name on ALL items.

To participate in class students must wear uniform.


2-7 Years of Age

Leotard: Eggplant 

Tights: Hazelnut 


Ballet: Gold Glitter 

Tap: Tan 

Jazz: Hazelnut 


8 Years and Older

Leotard: Eggplant 

Tights: Hazelnut


Ballet: Hazelnut   

Jazz : Hazelnut 

Tap: Tan


Ballet Class:




Skirt (Optional)

Hazelnut Ballet Shoes





Relaxed JFDU attire/ purple and orange color combination


Cover Ups-

Students eight years of age and older MUST wear cover-up over dancewear outside the classroom. Positively no cover-ups are permitted in class

                                        (T-shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, sweatpants, etc.)

         with the exception of orange colored dance shorts or eggplant/orange colored dance skirt.


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