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Ballerina's of the Bayou

Ballerina's of the Bayou C.A.R.E., is an art and education 501c.3 focusing on health, wellness, education and the arts. We host school aged students K-12 in our after school, monthly, and summer program. During the program participants will receive after school tutoring and/ or summer enrichment, fitness instruction, money management, personal development and career planning, and monthly dance workshops. Opportunities will include performances at local events, health and wellness classes/ nutrition, mental health counseling. We also partner with other local organizations to promote subject matter specific evidence and training.              

         Through this program we plan to ensure that all students participating will receive total well being physically, financially, mentally and spiritually to minimize the incidence of school aged drop outs as LA has one of the highest rates of middle school drop outs, high crime rates, and provide a true platform to ensure the success of the personal development of each participant.

Ballerina’s of the Bayou
C.A.R.E. Initiative

Cultivation of Culture and Character



Education & Empowerment or Empowerment through Education


Creative space where young artists are comfortable expressing themselves.

Embody a spirit of support and culture in the community through volunteering.

Energize and build up the importance of education that provides stability through academia.

Cultivate a sense of positive self awareness and wellness.

Workshop, residency, mentoring and class opportunities include:

        Dance discipline

        Heath and Wellness


        Self Awareness

        Holistic Health



We strive to provide the opportunity for artists  and the cultivation of the youth in the local area and to experience what it means to be confident in their capacity to express themselves through positive representation

of the art form of their preference.


Foster from day one in our youngest to our oldest that no matter the circumstance you have the ability to express yourself through self achievement, while not compressing or conforming to fit the “stereotypical belief” of what it means to be .


How to Support Us:

We are seeking donors, partners and sponsors to make monetary donations in any amount. All donations are appreciated and will make an impact.  We accept donations via the webpage, zelle, and cashapp.Other ways to support our efforts can be done through donating services through programming and sharing our social media posts. 

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