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Tuition & Fees

Pay Tuition Here

Registration Fee

New Students: $13

Returning Students: $85



Base Price: $85 (ages 2-5) to $100 (ages 6 and up)

Tuition is due on the 3rd of each month, a late fee of $35 will apply after the if paid after the 5th day of the month.



Sibling Discount: $10 off per dancer (2 or more) 

Annual: $800 if paid in full by September 1, 2023

Fall Semester: $450 if paid by September 1, 2023/ Spring Semester January 15, 2024

New Student Uniform Bundle: Leotard, Purple Glitter Backpack with Name, Ballet, Jazz, and Tap Shoe- $215 plus tax if ordered by September 1, 2023 (If purchased separately it will be $260 plus tax)

Adult Classes: 

Single Monthly Class $50 per month

Unlimited classes without premium classes $60 per month

Unlimited classes $75 per month


Mandatory Apparel 


Shoes (Mandatory for Class)

Ballet Shoes:

Pink - $25

Hazelnut - $40

Pointe- $120 

Tap Shoes:


Hazelnut Jazz Shoe


Leotard- $50

Dance Bags 

(Recommended Set) 

Black Glitter Backpack $50 /Black Glitter Duffle Bag $60 /Gold Glitter Backpack $40 Black Garment Bag $40 

Makeup Bag $20 

Bundle Set= $175 


Recital Fees

Recital Fee $125 (Due no later than January 16) 

Costume Fee- $100-$150 

$100 Deposit


Competition Team members are all expected to attend extra rehearsals along with classes that may be at an additional time outside of normal class hours. It is a full commitment as the dancers heavily rely on one another when it comes to rehearsals and performances. We have high expectations for all competition team members and expect them to be team players both dancers and parents alike. Competition Team members MUST NOT MISS ANY REHEARSALS DURING THE WEEK OF A COMPETITON and no more than 4 rehearsals per season unless something has been arranged with the studio. Parents of soloists must be actively involved in costume selection, costume altering, and any other preparation for their dancers solos.

Competition Yearly Membership Fee: $175

Rough Estimate of competition costs:

Regionals $350-$375 with solo (does not include costumes) includes team fee

                             $190-$200 without solo (does not include costumes) includes team fee           

Nationals $350-$360 with solo (includes costumes) includes team fee

                             $200-$215 without solo (includes costumes) includes team fee

Costumes can run anywhere between $100-$150 Please take into account rhinestones, headpieces, props, etc.


Fundraising is a big help, please remember that when we are hosting fundraisers.



(Dancers are asked to participate in at least 2/3 dances)

Please plan accordingly


Competition: TBA


Deposit Due by TBA


Must be Paid in full by TBA

Solos- $175      Per Group Dance- $100  Per Duos/Trios- $100




Competition: TBA

Deposit Due by TBA


Paid in full by TBA 


Solos- $200      Per Dance- $100   Per Duos/Trios- $100




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